I just read about the NRA press conference in response to the Newtown school massacre. Wayne LaPierre and his organization want school staff to carry guns.

Great! I’m as much for killing child-killers as the next guy. I even wrote a poem about it, “The Killers of Children, ” years ago But on reflection I see that the NRA has not gone far enough.

Think about it: It’s 2014. Teachers have guns. The principal has a gun; the secretaries and maintenance folks have guns. Sig and Glock are right up there with Dr. Seuss  and Shakespeare. But what are the spoilsport nutjobs and terrorists thinking? The place is well-defended. Maybe even my Bushmaster and 50 rounds won’t do the trick. Better get seriously locked and loaded!

So what can those malefactors reach for? RPGs? A tank? Well if he or she or any citizen does, they would be breaking the law. But that’s wrong. The right to bear arms doesn’t say what kind. Maybe in 1789 a well-ordered militia could make do with rifles.   Modern assault weapons have come a long way, but not far enough for the 21st Century.

The NRA should immediately change its name to NHAHA, the National Heavy Artillery Helps Association. It should launch a full-bore lobbying and publicity campaign — so that the next time there’s a pitched battle anywhere, the average citizen will have a fighting chance at self-defense.

Yes, it could get ugly.But  it’s already ugly: They want to take away our guns. They want to decide what arms (maybe just our own two hands!) we have a right to bear.

Countries that discuss what kinds of weapons they should be allowed, sign treaties, are losers. But Bin Laden was ahead of his time. He taught us that Freedom is nothing without Power — and the meaning of The Right to Bear Airliners.